My common living arrangement is moving full steam ahead

Things are moving really well with my common living investigation. I carried out five interviews in a local coffee shop over the past couple of days and now it down to 2 people.

Simon came round last night and it was Trevor who came round tonight. It is Simon who is the clear winner for me. We got on really well, we had a takeaway, we had a few beers and he loved the apartment and he has said he got really good vibe about me. He’s got a girlfriend but he says that he does not want to move in with her and so having an arrangement with someone else gets him off the hook for a little while. I found that really funny but I could see where he was coming from.

I suppose is it a similar ages perhaps been in a position like me, where he’s been in really serious and committed relationship and doesn’t want to jump into it, and perhaps he really does like someone but she is putting pressure on him then just maybe that’s a great idea for him.

He has agreed to pay me $300 a month which is significant because I don’t have a mortgage which means I’m getting $300 in my hand which covers a third of my bills. Which gives me $300 extra each month. I was only surviving on $200 after all my bills are paid which was virtually impossible and I was dipping into savings, this means that I now have $500 a month after all my bills which means that I will at least break even. I could probably have got more, but he seems really cool so in the short term I more concerned about compatibility and a smooth home life than the money in some ways, that’s partly because sales are picking up at work.

So I can’t complain, things are going well. I’m sure something will happen soon, but as long as the sales keep picking up at work and I keep building a client base and Simon moves in the next week and everything is good, then things are looking positive. All I need now is a casual girlfriend and I will really be happy where I am.

Everything is ready for my potential common living arrangement

I have had a really good time in the past few days. I said I was going to paint the room I’m thinking of offering as a sublet.

I did that in an evening, it was really hard work, the room is now a lovely bright white colour, I have changed a few bits and pieces in there as well so that it now looks really sharp and modern. I think it will definitely appeal to a professional person which is what I’m aiming for.

I’ve also been through the list of messages from people who wanted to sublet with me. I advertised on a website for sublets in NYC and a lot of people said they would like to consider common living. So I have now got a shortlist of five people.

What I’m going to do is meet them over two evenings in a coffee shop. Every person will get an hour and they will have a chance to sit and talk to me and I will get the chance to see what they are like as a person. Then from that I’m hoping to have a shortlist of two people. I will then invite them to my place so that they can get a feel for me and the apartment and take a look at the room they would rent from me.

I’m hoping from that there will be an obvious contender and if there is not one, I will have to make a decision and see how it goes. I’m very hopeful that I will within the next two weeks have somebody preparing to move in and pay me a significant sum of money towards my bills each month.

Which is really positive and I’m really glad that it’s happening. Work is also going well, it’s really good how things are picked up in my sales department, I think it’s because I have started to get a client base and I’ve even had a couple of repeat clients and that is what the key to it is. I knew it was going to be tough at the start, but soon you start getting repeat clients and building up a relationship with people it makes the whole thing so much easier.

I’ve had an overwhelming response to my common living advert

I have to say that I’m absolutely amazed at the response I have had to my advert advertising a sublet in NYC. I’m going to do common living because I need money and I put an advert on a website where you can advertise New York sublets.

I expected a few interested people to contact me but I didn’t expect this amazing response. I’ve had so many messages I’ve lost count and I have been conversing with people all week. I think I need to take a more structured approach to this because I’m just firefighting at the moment and I’m not really weeding people out the way I should. So I’ve stopped contacting people back and I’m now going to wait for a few days and then shut the advert down and contact everyone after I have sifted through them.

I am a bit surprised but I suppose is a great thing really because it means I can now pick and choose and hopefully get the person who is really right for me. It also means of it goes wrong but there are plenty of people out there who could replace them, in fact I could if it doesn’t work there after a couple months contact a couple of the people who are also my shortlist.

In other news, work is actually picking up my job. I’m making more money in sales and I am heading upwards on a trajectory that I didn’t really think I would this year. So it really means I can hopefully start to be bit picky about who I have to share my apartment with. If I sublet, it is going to be on my terms with the sort of person I want to.

Which means it is really all good news at the minute, and although I get bit lonely and down at times, especially when I think back to the lovely big home and stable family life I used to have, I am getting more happy with how things are progressing. It really is tough to adjust in your 40s when you’ve been used to some other situation for so long.

I have decided to do some painting in my apartment

I’m currently looking at the prospect of some common living arrangements. I have put an advert on a New York sublets website to advertise my apartment. I have a spacious room which I’m thinking of letting out to a sub tenant. By subletting I think I can make enough money to make myself comfortable each month.

Because I’m going to give the room to someone I want them to be impressed by it, and although the rooms really big, it’s a bit drab. So I’m thinking of doing is making it a nice bright neutral colour, maybe even white, so it is a blank canvas and will feel spacious. In fact this blog is helping already because I’m going to make the decision to paint it white. Walls and ceiling. It’s got a lovely wooden floor so that will contrast nicely but it will give it a real bright big feeling which will increase the chances of somebody wanting to be my sublet flatmate.

So the plan is because the rooms full of rubbish to just get that rubbish out, and makes the room ready to rent out, and then get it decorated in one evening. It will take two coats of white paint, it’s quick drying and it’s also warm here at this time of year so I think I can turn it around in a night.

I think will properly do it on Saturday night because then I can have a lay in in the morning because it is a big room and it will take five or six hours to do it nicely.

So that’s the plan and hopefully I can not only increase the value, but increase the attractiveness of it as a proposition to somebody in relation to other people’s common living opportunities. I think the fact I’m doing that shows I’m taking this seriously and it also means I’m hoping to attract the right type of person, I don’t want to attract an idiot and I think that by giving it a really nice feel, the right sort of person will want to live here.

The story of moving into New York City

I have started this blog to document my journey through a change in my life. I’m a divorcee and I decided to make a big change by moving into New York and getting a new job.

The reason I decided to change jobs was because my wife works for the same company and it was awkward so I just thought it was going to be good to move on and get a fresh start. We have children but they are not dependent on us any more, so making the move was fine, and I thought they might like the chance to spend time in the city anyway.

So I decided to apply for a new job and I got one in sales. I also with the money I got from selling our lovely big house bought an apartment here in New York City. I own it outright, which is pretty good here in New York and it means I don’t have any debt on it.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ve got much money. The job’s isn’t that well paid at the moment and I’m quite junior, so although I haven’t got any mortgage, I have got all the usual outgoings in the middle of a big city. Which means money is tight. It’s a three-bedroom apartment and the kids don’t really come and stay much, and never together, so in effect I have got a spare room which is basically at the moment a dumping ground.

But anyway I will talk more about that later. That’s the main reason I moved on with my life and I’m blogging because I want to document that change, I find that talking about things helps me to understand them and deal with it a lot better.

In the past I have found that having a blog has really helped me to do transitional stuff in my life. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s like having a diary when you are little. Anyway, I suppose that doesn’t make it a very interesting blog from many people to read, although I suppose somebody my position in life might get something out of it, so if you are fortysomething divorcee then welcome to my blog.